Audacity of Hope

Basically it is an exercise to eliminate poverty and assist the vulnerable children through focus on education. The target groups are the most marginalized and poorest of the poor. They will be provided free education, boarding and lodging. The criteria will be poverty and merit. A certain percentage of seats will be open for those who can afford to pay. We hope to provide children from financially disabled background with an enabling environment with opportunities that will help promote creative thinking, lifelong learning and a confident human being.

  • To energize and enable students to reach their maximum potential in all their endeavors and cope effectively in life with guidance from a specialist team of educators, dedicated to encouraging learning skills in children, inspiring them and grooming a well-rounded personality.
  • To acknowledge with dignity their backgrounds and to infuse in them the spirit and courage to make a difference in life through education.
  • To create effective and meaningful partnerships so that the child, the school, the parents and the community work collectively to achieve the same end.
  • To establish separate campuses for boys and girls at each site.

This is an ideal instrument of equality of opportunity and ultimately poverty alleviation. In fact the community needs to participate in this effort and support the Government both in financial and physical terms.