Selection Criteria - Faculty

How do we go about selecting Teachers?

We have undertaken an open merit policy for the selection of teachers at the six schools. An advertisement was published in the National Press in June, 2010. We received an over-whelming response from applicants. The applications were initially scrutinized. The eligible candidates were then requested to appear in a written test followed by interviews of the successful candidates to test the competence level of the teachers to be recruited including their demonstrative pedagogical skills. The recruitment of the teachers would obviously be transparent and merit based and according to a comprehensive selection criteria established by the Authority. We should be able to effectively test the candidate for pedagogical skills and ability, aptitude for teaching creative and psychological testing to assess their ability.

We have no gender bias and would only look for merit and the ability of a teacher with pedagogical skills and compassion to teach the young children. Hopefully this process will be completed during August, 2010.