Head Office - Team

 Bilal Khalid 
General Manager (Engineering)
Dec, 2016 - To Date

B.Sc(Civil Engg) , PMP®
Ph: 042--35906101




Lt Col (R) Jawad Ahmad Malik
Manager (Admin/HR&Coord)
Nov, 2015 - To Date

MBA (Executive) Human Resource
Ph: 042--99230633

Seema Hasan Khan
Manager (Acdemics Daanish)
Nov, 2015 - To Date

M.Sc (Applied Psychology)
Ph: 042--99231738


Muzaffar Ali 
Manager  (Acdemics  COE)
April, 2017 - To Date

M.A Political Science

Ph: 042--99230633

Lt Col (R) Ghulam Abbas
Manager Boardinng & Settlement

Dec, 2017 - To Date

B.A, MA (History)


Abdul-Haye Sahar
Deputy Manager Inspection
Dec, 2017 - To Date

M.A. English, M.Ed


Muhammad Nauman Azam  
Deputy Manager (Admin/HR&Coord)
Nov, 2015 - To Date

MS (Human Resource Managment)

Ph: 042--99230633


Bilal Yousaf  
Deputy Manager (MIS/IT)
Mar, 2016 - To Date

Ph: 042--35969845

Umer Fayaz
Deputy Manager Finance
Dec, 2016 - To Date

C.A (Final)

Ph: 042--99230633



Muhammad Hussain
Deputy Audit
Dec, 2017 - To Date

BA,ICMA (Part 1),SAS

Ph: 042--36623989

Shahid Iqbal

Deputy Manager (Engineering)
M.Sc, MS Engineering
April 2018 - To Date
Ph: 042--35906113