Jaranwala Boys

Centre of Excellence Govt. Boys High School Jaranwala is located on main city road opposite courts. The school was established in 1907 as Primary level school by the British Government, it became elementary in 1913 and secondary in 1923. Total area of building is 72 Kanals. The school enjoys historical eminence in the city of Jaranwala with an academic history spreading over 111 years. It has some prominent figures on the roll of honors. In 2010 after promulgation of the PDS & CEA Act, the school being one of the important institutions was nominated to be converted into Centre of Excellence on the approval of Competent Authority and named as Centre of Excellence Govt. Boys High School Jaranwala under the umbrella of PDS & CEA. The contiguous MC primary school was also merged into the Centre of Excellence and thus so far it is the only school that meets the PDS & CEA criteria laid down by PDS & CEA. The construction of the new building commenced in 2010 and was completed in 2014 at the cost of Rs. 102.8 Million. The school has 52 x class rooms, 03 x laboratories, a multipurpose hall, a library and a play ground. For a competitive environment and uniform evaluation and in order to improve administration further academic/non academic staff including Assistant Admin Officer has recently been provided to the school.  

Col Javaid Aslam (R) Ex-Deputy Commandant Military College Jhelum is serving as Principal from 5 August 2015. School Council was converted into Governing Body and comprises 11 members with DCO as the Convener. School staff consists of total 116 faculty members (90 academic and 26 non academic staff). Currently the students’ strength is 2,289 having five academic levels, from grade six to Matric.