Entire system of Punjab Daanish Schools & Centres of Excellence Digitalised

Nov 05 2020

Punjab Daanish Schools & Centres of Excellence Authority has taken an applaudable step by digitalizing its entire system. The efforts have been made to optimize delivery and to improve upon the governance of the Authority. Vice Chairperson Punjab Daanish Schools & Centre of Excellence Authority Ms. Sumaira Ahmad inaugurated the Enterprise Resource Process (ERP).

The newly launched ERP include digitalization of all employees record, details of 26 thousand students alumnus of all Daanish and COE Schools, record of library books, academic record, financial matters, file tracking system, visitor authorization and leave portal.

The existing website is also upgraded by including more details about Punjab Daanish Schools & Centres of Excellence Authority. Efforts have been made to make it user friendly. The new website include the functions of Authority, Act of PDS & CEA, details about developed and under developed projects in Daanish and COE’s schools, career opportunities and complaint / suggestions menu.