Pro Poverty Initiative

It goes to the credit of provincial Government to envision the furnishing of this essentially elitist model of education for the downtrodden and then provide the resources to build and run this expensive venture completely gratis for the ultimate poor segments of society as an invaluable gift that will usher in a transformation in their lives and destiny. A tree is known by its fruit and so would Daanish be known by its achievements. While education is a crop whose harvest has a long gestation period, the signs of success of the Daanish venture are everywhere to be seen even now. Whether it is the performance in academics, the co-curricular field or the sporting arena, Daanish alumni have returned with laurels from national and international contests. What surprises a visitor to these schools the most is that, on the face of it, there is hardly anything to tell between Daanish students hailing from ultra-deprived sections in the remotest areas of the province from their well-off counterparts in urban areas. Such has been the impact of constant nurturing and grooming, which we hope will change these boys and girls to the best specimens of ladies and gentlemen who are able to carve a future for themselves while being mindful of their native traditions the best values of life.

The social classes of the underprivileged for the purpose of eligibility have been classified in seven categories:

  • Mudhouse inhabitants
  • Single Orphan
  • Double Orphan
  • Unskilled / Landless
  • Illiterate / Landless / Unemployed Parents
  • Illiterate / Landless Parents
  • Dropouts / Illiterate / Landless Parents