Scope of Work

Following facilities will be provided to COEs:

  • Additional class rooms (1:40 class room-student ratio)
  • Well equipped Science and IT laboratories with equipment
  • Library
  • Required sports equipment / facilities
  • Multipurpose hall

The quality deficit in public sector is being engineered through a multi pronged strategy entailing:

  • Governance and Management
  • Capacity building of teachers
  • Accountability for performance
  • Curriculum
  • Improved infrastructure and facilities, etc
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Community participation so as to make them stakeholders and not by standers

Conversion of existing Schools into Centers of Excellence is a conscious effort to provide level playing field to the under privileged children with emphasis on building their mental and physical abilities with a view to engrain importance of human dignity. In nutshell the Government is making a concerted effort with the support of the local / international community and academia to end the apartheid in education.